Updating and altering your client-facing URL is a terrific approach to bring your brands together and give your clients a more professional impression. In Sprout, you can quickly edit and update this as needed.

All of your client-facing pages (i.e. galleries, album proofs, invoices, etc.) have their own URL so you can send a direct link to your clients.

For example, the URL for a gallery looks like this:


This URL is split up into four parts:

  1. The subdomain, which is your business subdomain (bryan above).

  2. The domain, which is the main URL of the link (sproutstudio.com above).

  3. The path, which is the path we've created for the link (/galleries/ above).

  4. The name, which is the name of the item you're sharing (sample-gallery above).

For your URLs, you can customize the subdomain and domain globally (for all your links), and you can customize the name for most items on a per-item basis.

To edit your subdomain, go to Settings > Branding > Brands > Your Brand, and edit the subdomain field in the "Main Settings" section under Brand URL.

A relevant default is always given to the name for an item based on the name of the asset, but you can edit it by modifying the "Link" field when creating that item. For example, when you're editing a gallery, there is a "Link" field under the "Save" section.

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