You can specify what type of photography (i.e. wedding, newborn, family, etc.) a lead or shoot is. Sprout calls a "type of photography" a Shoot Type, and each Lead or Shoot can be assigned one shoot type.

To customize your shoot types, go to Settings > Account > Metadata and click edit on the "Shoot Types" section. Here, you can edit and re-arrange (click-and-drag) existing shoot types or add new ones.

Each shoot type has:

  • A name, which is how you'll reference it on a lead or shoot.

  • A colour that will be displayed on a lead or shoot for organization purposes.

When adding a lead or shoot in Sprout, you can specify what its shoot type is by clicking the "Shoot Type" dropdown. You can also create a new shoot type from here.

When a lead is created from a contact form, it will automatically be made with the shoot type specified by the client on your contact form. If the client didn't specify a shoot type, it will be created with an "uncategorized" shoot type.

When editing a lead or shoot, you can change the shoot type by clicking the "Shoot Type" dropdown. Additionally, when viewing a lead or shoot from a list page, you can change the shoot type by clicking the "Shoot Type" dropdown here as well.

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