A Contact in Sprout Studio is a person. A contact can be attached to a Lead or Shoot, or it can be a stand-alone contact and not attached to anything. Go to the Contacts page to view all of your contacts, or go to the Clients & Contacts page within a Lead or Shoot to view all of the contacts for that particular Lead or Shoot.

A contact has:

  • A profile photo.

  • A name saved as first and last name.

  • A company name (optional).

  • The pronoun in which the identify with

  • A username, which is what they'd use to log in to their client portal.

  • Any number of contact details (i.e. an email, a phone number, etc.)

  • Any number of custom contact details, which are fields you can create to record other information about your clients (i.e. their birthday, anniversary, etc).

  • An address.

There are three ways to create a new contact:

  1. Add a new contact manually.

  2. Automatically create a contact by adding a lead or shoot.

  3. Import contacts via a CSV.

Adding a contact manually

To add a contact manually, go to the Contacts page and click the "Add New" button. You can also go to any Lead or Shoot, and go to the Clients & Contacts page and click the "Add New" button there to add a new contact for that specific Lead or Shoot.

Automatically create a contact by adding a Lead or Shoot

When you create a new Lead or Shoot, it automatically creates a new contact and makes them the client for that Lead or Shoot.

Importing contacts via a CSV

To import a list of contacts from a CSV file, go to the Contacts page, click the arrow beside Add New, and select import contacts.

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