You can import an existing contact list into Sprout Studio, which is useful for transitioning this information from another system over to Sprout. 

A CSV file is basically a spreadsheet that has a list of columns, each representing a type of data (i.e. first name, last name, email address, phone number, etc.) and a row for each item (in our case here, a contact). 

To import a list of contacts from a CSV file, go to the Contacts page, click the arrow next to "Add New" and click the "Import CSV" button. Once you specify where the CSV file is on your computer, you will be asked to "map" the CSV file into a format that Sprout Studio understands. This is where you'll specify that the "first name" column in the CSV file is to be "mapped" to the "First Name" field in Sprout Studio.

Sprout should automatically figure out most of the mapping for you, but you'll want to review it to make sure it's accurate.

Once you import your CSV file, the contacts will all be created and you can use them within Sprout Studio.

Importing custom fields into a contact

If you have custom data in the CSV file that Sprout doesn't support by default, you can map it to a new custom contact detail. Custom contact details are fields you can create for custom details you'd like to collect for your clients (i.e. their birthday, anniversary, etc).

For example, say there was a column named "Number of Children" in the CSV file that you used previously to track how many children someone has. In the mapping modal, you would specify that column is to be mapped to a new custom contact detail called "Number of Children", and Sprout will figure out the rest for you! 

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