Every client has their own Client Portal, where they can view all of their Shoots and any associated items (i.e. invoices, contracts, galleries, album proofs, etc.). They can login to their client portal by visiting your main portal, which is a combination of your subdomain and domain. Go to Settings > Account & Branding > Brands to view/edit your portal URL by brand. You can also use the "Client Portal" variable in an email to send the link to your clients. 

Setting the client's username

When you first create a client (either manually or by adding a lead or shoot), their username is automatically set to be a combination of their first and last name. You can manually override it when editing the contact. 

Setting the client's password

When you first create a client, their password is not set. There is a toggle to "Email Link to Shoot" when creating a Shoot (either in the "Add Shoot" modal or on a Booking Proposal page). Toggling this "On" will send a link to your client for them to create a password once the shoot is booked. Once they've created their password, that is their password for their portal.

If they forget their password, they can click the "Forgot Password" button on the login page for their portal and they'll be emailed a link to reset the password. 

Setting the client's password manually yourself

If you'd like to override the password and manually set it for them: 

  1. Edit a contact.

  2. Click the "Client Actions" button in the bottom-left corner. 

  3. Click the "Set/Reset Password" button. 

  4. Set the password.

Note that after you set it, you won't be able to see the password again. For security reasons, we never display the client's password in plain text after it's been saved to their account. 

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