An unbooked client in Sprout Studio is called a Lead. A booked client is called a Shoot. When you first get an inquiry through your Lead Form in Sprout Studio, it creates a lead. You can also add a lead by clicking “Add Lead” from the the "Quick Add" button on the top bar of Sprout Studio.

When a client is a Lead, they may still be negotiating packages, discussing details and interviewing other photographers. Once they’re ready to book you, they are ready to pay, sign a contract and become an actual client. 

You can book a lead into a shoot through Sprout Studio in 2 ways: 

  1. By sending them a step-by-step booking proposal, allowing them to choose a package, sign a contract and make a payment

  2. By manually booking them as a shoot.

This article covers option #2 - booking a shoot manually (without a booking proposal).

Booking a shoot manually (without a booking proposal)

To skip the booking proposal and manually book a lead into a shoot: 

  1. Visit the "Booking Proposal" page from within a lead.

  2. Choose a price list in the “Available Packages” section. 

  3. Add the package you’d like to book the client with.

  4. Uncheck the “Send Proposal” toggle. 

  5. Choose the package you’d like to book the client with in the “Selected Package” dropdown. 

  6. Click the “Manually Book” button. 

For a manually booked shoot, you can still specify: 

  • Payments already received - If you’ve already received payments from this client towards their booking, you can add them here, and it will be applied to their payment schedule. 

  • Payment schedule - You can choose the payment schedule (otherwise known as a payment plan) for your client by choosing the “Payment Schedule” toggle. Once you do, you can click the “Add Payment Schedule” button to add a template payment schedule or create a new one. If you’d rather keep the default “Single Payment” option, which is one lump sum payment due in 30 days, you can choose the “Single Payment” option.

  • Tax - You can choose what tax will be calculated on top of the selected package. Your default tax specified in Settings > Setup > Preferences will be chosen automatically. The tax can be distributed on each invoice evenly, or added to the final invoice. You can specify how you’d like to do your accounting in Settings > Setup > Preferences

What your client will get after manually booking a shoot

If you have all of your automatic emails turned in in Settings > Communication > Automatic Emails, your client will receive the following emails after you manually book them: 

  • If you enabled “Email link to Shoot” in the booking proposal, your client would receive an email with login details for the Shoot. If this is the first time they’re logging in, they’ll be asked to create a password first. 

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