ProSelect is an incredible tool that many photographers use for in-person sales. Sprout Studio does not integrate at all with ProSelect because they are two different pieces of software; ProSelect facilitates the in-person sales ordering appointment, whereas Sprout Studio manages everything else in the backend of your business. There's no real need for integration.

However, many ProSelect users love Sprout Studio's sales gallery functionality, which is the marriage between an online gallery and in-person sales. Sales galleries allow you to offer your clients the convenience and flexibility of online galleries with the proven sales process of in-person sales! 

One of the most powerful features of ProSelect (and an in-person sales appointment) is the ability to show your clients their images on their walls. Sprout Studio sales galleries allow for the same functionality, only online! Sales galleries come pre-loaded with a variety of rooms for your clients to choose from and allow you to add your rooms or gives your client the option to add their rooms once they’re in the sales gallery experience.

Learn more about Sprout Studio sales galleries here, and learn how to create your own sales gallery in Sprout Studio here.

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