A Quote is used to give an estimated price to a client. In Sprout, a quote is simply a status on an Order, which means you can easily make a quote into the order once it is approved.

How to create a quote

There are two ways to create a quote:

  1. Go to the Lead or Shoot > Orders & Quotes page and click the "Add Quote" button at the top of the page.

  2. Go to the Overview > Orders & Quotes page and click the "Add New" button at the top of the page.

When creating the quote, you can set up:

  • Quote items - You must first choose a price list, and then add items by clicking the "Add Item" button. The subtotal will be calculated as the sum of the items in the quote. You can override the price by clicking the "Edit" icon next to the subtotal.

  • Internal note - A note for your reference, viewable only by you.

  • External note - A note for your client's reference, viewable at the bottom of the quote.

  • Tax - You can choose what tax will be calculated on top of the quote contents. Your default tax specified in Settings > Pricing > Taxes will be chosen by default.

  • Currency - You can choose which currency this quote will be created in.

  • Attached to - You can optionally choose which lead or shoot this quote is attached to.

  • Billing and shipping contact - You can optionally choose who the billing and shipping contact is for this quote.

  • Shipping method - You can optionally choose a shipping method for this quote, which will be added to the price of the order if applicable. You can manage your shipping settings in Settings > Pricing > Shipping Options.

Once you are ready to create the quote, click the "Done Editing" button to publish the quote and make the URL available to be visited. Once the quote is created, you can no longer edit the details of the quote.

How to edit a quote once it's been created

To edit the quote after it's been created, click the "Edit Quote" button, edit the quote, and click the "Done Editing" button again to re-publish it.

How to send a quote to your client

There are two ways to send the quote to your client:

  1. Click the "View" button in the top-right corner of the quote (once it's created) and copy the link.

  2. If the quote is attached to a lead or shoot, you can easily email it to your client by utilizing the quote variable in the "Compose Email" modal.

How to turn an order into a quote, or a quote into an order

You can turn an order into a quote by modifying an order and going to the right panel labelled "Settings". From here click the "Order" button to turn the quote into an order.

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