An unbooked client in Sprout Studio is called a Lead. A booked client is called a Shoot.

When a client is a Lead, they may still be negotiating packages, discussing details and interviewing other photographers. Once they’re ready to book you, they are ready to pay, sign a contract and become an actual client. 

Watch this video to understand the basic lead-to-shoot workflow in Sprout Studio: 

There are three ways to add a lead into Sprout Studio: 

  1. Click the "Quick Add" button in the bottom left sidebar of Sprout Studio, and then click the "Add Lead" button. 

  2. Go to the Lead List page and click the "Add Lead" button at the top of the page. 

  3. A lead is automatically created when a Contact Form is filled out. To create and manage your contact forms, go to Settings > Communication > Contact Forms.

When you are manually adding a lead (option 1 and 2 above), the "Add Lead" modal will be shown. Here, you can specify: 

  • The lead name, by changing the "Untitled Lead" name field in the top of the modal. 

  • The shoot type, by clicking the "Shoot Type" dropdown in the top-right corner of the modal. 

  • The shoot date, by clicking the "Shoot Date" field and selecting the date on a calendar. 

  • You can create a new contact for this lead by choosing "New Contact" and specifying the details, or you can choose an existing contact for this lead by choosing "Existing Contact" and searching for an existing contact. 

  • A note for the lead (i.e. details when you were on the phone with the lead) by clicking the "Add Note" button. 

  • The lead source(s), by clicking the "Lead Source" dropdown in the bottom-left corner of the modal. 

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