You can easily merge (or combine) one contact with another in Sprout Studio.

This is useful if you are transitioning your clients, contacts and shoots from another studio management system and there are duplicate contacts. Another reason to merge contacts is if you have an existing client who inquiries for another session via a contact form. They'll have a second contact created for their new lead or shoot, whereas you'd probably prefer to have them as the same contact. 

Either way, there are two ways to merge contacts:

  1. By selecting a specific contact to merge and going through the contact modal.

  2. By going to the global "Merge Contact" section. 

How to merge a specific contact

  1. Select the contact (either from the contacts page or any lead or shoot). 

  2. From the contact modal, select the "User Action" button in the bottom-left corner. 

  3. Click the "Merge Contact" button. 

How to merge a contact via the global "Merge Contact" section

  1. Go to the Contacts page on the left-hand side. 

  2. Click the "Down Arrow" button to the left of the "Add New" button at the top of the page. 

  3. Click the "Merge Contact" button. 

How to merge two contacts

With the "Merge Contact" modal open, you can now merge one contact into another. This means the contact you're merging (the one on the left) will become the contact you're merging it into (the one on the right). 

Simply select a contact from the "Merge" section on the left-hand side. If you clicked to merge a specific contact already, that contact would be pre-selected here. Then, select a new contact on the right-hand side under the "Into" section. 

When you're ready, click the "Merge Contacts" button. 

This will merge the contacts and their contact details. Anywhere the old contact (the one on the left-hand side) was used will be replaced with the new contact (the one on the right-hand side). The contact on the left-hand side will be now deleted from your Sprout Studio account. 

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