Emptying the Trash

When you delete any information from a List page, it actually gets moved into a Trash folder. This is done as a fallback in case you need to access that information again. To clear all of these out, click on the Trash button in the top right corner of a List page.

Note: This button will only show up if there is something in the Trash.

While in the trash, you can restore your asset from the trash. Click the "three dots" on the right of the asset you'd like to restore and then click the "Restore from Trash" button.

From the trash, you can also bulk-select more than one asset to restore them by clicking the checkboxes on the left-hand side of the assets you'd like to restore. Once you have selected all the assets you'd like to restore, click the "Bulk Actions" button at the top, and then click the "Restore from Trash" button.

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