Sprout Studio has 4 demos: 

  1. Wedding photography

  2. Family portrait

  3. Newborn portrait

  4. Engagement session

With the Sprout Studio demos, you can discover what is possible with Sprout Studio. The idea of each demo is simple ...

You get to see what your client sees. Each demo is a sequence of emails that give you a full walkthrough of the entire customer experience and customer journey from your client's perspective. You'll also learn about what is going on during each part of the customer experience and what part of Sprout Studio is being used.

Throughout each demo, you'll learn about and see:

  • Booking proposals

  • Public price lists

  • Invoices

  • Invoice reminders

  • Payment receipts

  • Galleries

  • Sales galleries

  • Album design proofing and book designs

  • Client portal

Click here to join any of the Sprout Studio demos.

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