The Big Idea

When you get a new in Sprout Studio, send them a personalized welcome video. Say "hello" and introduce yourself; put a face to your name. Help a new prospective client to know, like and trust you. Comment on what they inquired about. Get personal and let them see that you care about them.

How To Do It

Bonjoro lets you send personalized welcome videos to your clients. With Bonjoro, you can:

  • Record and send personalized videos to new clients.

  • Customize the video player and call to action buttons.

  • See detailed analytics about each video message

Bonjoro is free for a single user with unlimited Bonjoros videos with custom branding or calls to action, and limited integration. Learn more about Bonjoro here, and sign up for a free Bonjoro account here.

Getting it Done in Sprout Studio

With Zapier, you can have new "Bonjoros" created as an action. Those Bonjoros will be automatically added to your iOS or Android Bonjoro app for you to record videos. You record the videos, press "send" and everything else is taken care of.

Use Sprout Studio's "New Lead" trigger in a Zap, and Bonjoro's "Create a Bonjoro" action together to automatically have all new leads added as a new Bonjoro. You could also do this for when a lead books, when a shoot changes status, or for any of the other Sprout Studio Zapier triggers listed here.

Video Walkthrough

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