The Big Idea

When you book a client in Sprout Studio, automatically send them a handwritten card to say "thank you" for hiring you as their photographer. The best part? You don't have to write the card by hand or take it to the post office yourself. Add a personal touch, at scale, and automate the process to make sure every client gets a little bit of extra "love" from you!

How To Do It

Handwrytten is a way to automatically send real cards and notes written in pen and ink. With Handwrytten, you type your message and their "robots" will write out your card in the handwriting style of your choice!

Your card is stamped and delivered for you. Prices start at just $3.00 and include tax and postage! Learn more about Handwrytten here.

Getting it Done in Sprout Studio

With Zapier, you can have send "cards" in Handwrytten as an action in a Zap. You can specify which card design, the writing style, the recipient's details, the message that goes in the card and more.

Use Sprout Studio's "Lead Booked" trigger in a Zap, and Handwrytten's "Send a Card" action together to automatically send all new booked shoots a handwritten card via Handwrytten. You could also do this for when a shoot changes status (i.e. on their 6-month anniversary), or for any of the other Sprout Studio Zapier triggers listed here.

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