The Big Idea

When you get an inquiry via Facebook Messenger (through your Facebook Page), you can automatically have that inquiry added as a new lead in Sprout Studio. This way, you can manage all of your inquiries and availability in one place instead of trying to juggle multiple inboxes and dropping the ball with potential clients.

How To Do It

ManyChat is an all-in-one Messenger Marketing platform. Create your Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support with their simple drag-drop builder. Effectively promote with built-in tools for growing audience.

Sign up for ManyChat here - it's free to get started!

Getting it Done in Sprout Studio

First, you'll need to use ManyChat to collect some information from an inquiring potential client via Facebook Messenger:

  1. In ManyChat, create a new "Default Reply" which will get sent to anyone messaging you on your Facebook Page.

  2. In this "Default Reply," ask them for any information you'd like, including their email address. Assign each of their answers to a new custom field.

  3. In your ManyChat "Default Reply" sequence, when you are ready to send the details over to Sprout Studio, add the "Trigger a Zap" action.

Now, you can use Zapier to have all those details that you asked for via ManyChat (including the potential client's email address) as a new lead in Sprout Studio.

Use ManyChat's "Zap Triggered" trigger in Zapier and Sprout Studio's "New Lead" action in a Zap. This will automatically create a new lead in Sprout Studio with all the details as you specify whenever that "Trigger a Zap" in your ManyChat sequence is triggered.

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