The Big Idea

Sprout Studio already has contact forms, but maybe you'd prefer to use your own. No problem! If you're using WordPress, you can use your own Gravity Forms contact form and have it create new leads in Sprout Studio automatically for you.

How To Do It

Gravity Forms is a premier WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create powerful forms on the fly. Gravity Forms features:

  • Create unlimited forms inside your WordPress site with over 30 field types

  • Build detailed, multi-page forms with logic and branching

  • Schedule form availability and restrict the number of entries

  • Create WordPress posts from form entries

  • Let users save form entries and finish filling them out later

  • Start a store with eCommerce forms

  • Add-ons to integrate with payment platforms, CRMs, email newsletters, and more

Gravity Forms costs $59/year for a basic license. Learn more here.

Getting it Done in Sprout Studio

With Zapier, you can have new entries for a specific Gravity Form form as a "trigger" and use Sprout Studio's "Create a New Lead" action in response to that trigger.

Use Gravity Form's "New Entry" trigger in a Zap, and Sprout Studio's "Create a New Lead" action together to automatically have all-new form entries sent to Sprout Studio as a new lead in Sprout Studio.

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