The Big Idea

When you get a new in Sprout Studio, add them to your email marketing system so you can "drip" them content and subscribe them your email newsletter. Stay in touch, stay top-of-mind and win more business!

How To Do It

Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, MadMimi, Drip, Emma, ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit are all examples of an ESP (Email Service Provider). They all let you: 

  1. Subscribe people to a drip campaign to get a specific series of timed emails. 

  2. Add people to a newsletter to get email campaigns when you send them. 

Choosing an ESP is a personal choice. As long as you choose an ESP that integrates with Zapier, you can automatically add new leads from Sprout Studio to your email marketing system. 

Getting it Done in Sprout Studio

With Zapier, you can subscribe new people to a drip or an email list in all of the various ESPs as an action. 

Use Sprout Studio's "New Lead" trigger in a Zap, and your ESP's "New Subscriber" action together to automatically have all new leads added to a list or a drip sequence. You could also do this for when a lead books, when a shoot changes status, or for any of the other Sprout Studio Zapier triggers listed here

Video Walkthrough

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