The Big Idea

When you receive a new payment in Sprout Studio, automatically add it to your accounting system (if you're using something other than Sprout Studio for your bookkeeping/account). This lets you avoid double-entry in the future and saves money on your accounting bills!

How To Do It

Quickbooks Online, Wave and Xero are examples of online accounting and bookkeeping systems. They all let you:

  • Manage your business's finances, from income and expenses to payroll and taxes.

  • Use a double-entry accounting method in managing your business's books

  • Invoice clients, generate estimates and collect payments.

  • Connect directly to financial accounts to pull in line item income and expenses.

  • Automatic categorize expenses.

  • Track inventory, time on task, miles travelled for business, projects.

  • Generate reports to analyze performance.

  • iOS and Android apps available

Choosing an accounting system is a personal choice and many photographers use Sprout Studio for their accounting and bookkeeping system. But, if you'd prefer to use something else, as long as you choose an accounting system that integrates with Zapier, you can automatically add payments from Sprout Studio to your accounting system.

Getting it Done in Sprout Studio

With Zapier, you can have payments received in Sprout Studio automatically added to your accounting or bookkeeping system.

Use Sprout Studio's "Payment Received" trigger in a Zap, and your accounting system's "Create Invoice" or "Create Payment" action together to automatically have your payments in Sprout sent to your accounting system.

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