You will often have repeat clients in your photography business.

The benefit of Sprout Studio being an all-in-one system is that your clients only need one login to get their entire photographic experience with you. 

The side-benefit of this is that you don't need to set up a new username and password for repeat clients. With Sprout Studio, things get easier for repeat clients, not more difficult!

There are two ways to set Sprout up for repeat clients: 

  1. Make a new shoot for the same client for each session (recommended).

  2. Use the same shoot for all sessions, and add an invoice and contract for each session.

Option #1 - New Shoot for each session

When you set up a new lead (which gets "booked" into a shoot) for each session, you get the organizational benefit of using Sprout's infrastructure. Specifically, you can use a booking proposal to re-establish expectations, eliminate any assumptions and collect the information you need.

By using a booking proposal for each session, you also get the output of a booking proposal, which is: 

  1. An invoice.

  2. A signed contract. 

  3. A filled out questionnaire (if you require one).

  4. Updated contact information for your client. 

  5. A booked shoot with all the proper metadata (i.e., booking date)

To set up a new lead for an existing client, click the "Add Lead" modal and choose "Existing Client" instead of "New Client" from the first step.

If you've already added a lead (or your client inquired through your contact form, and there's already a lead for them), you can add an existing client to an existing lead (or shoot) by clicking the "Clients & Contacts" navigation menu on the left-hand side and click the "Add Client" button. From there, choose the "Add Existing Client" button and choose your client. 

Each client has a login and password. When they log in, they'll have access to all the shoots you've added them to. If they are a client for multiple shoots, they'll get to choose which shoot they want to go in to view once they log in. 

This way you keep it simple with one login and password, and they can have access to all of their shoots with you. 

Option #2 - Same shoot w/ separate orders and contracts

If you don't want to have a separate shoot for each session, add an order and contract to the same shoot each time. The downside of this is that it can become confusing, since there is really only one shoot (and one shoot date), but it's a simple way to invoice a client and have them sign a contract.

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