Our credit system allows your clients to order items that would have been pre-purchased or given to them without having them pay. One example of this would be if a client received prints and digitals with their newborn collection purchase.

To add in a Credit, go into the applicable Lead or Shoot and click the "Credits & Coupons" section on the sidebar. Click "Add New" at the top of the page and click "Add Credit". Choose the price list with the items you want to give to your client from the dropdown menu and click "Add".

The "Add Credit" window should open automatically for you. Click "Add Item" and add in the items that you want to give to your client. You can also set a description of what it is you are crediting in the "Description" section. Click "Create" at the bottom when you're all done to create the Credit.

Your client will now have this credit available to them in their Gallery. Keep in mind, credits are only available to clients who are logged into their Gallery, or go into their Gallery from their portal. This makes sure that the credit is received by the proper person.

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