When you give your client a credit, they can fulfill the credit in an Online Gallery. They can go into the Gallery, click on the credits, and fulfill whatever the credit is for.

How to fulfill a credit

To fulfill a credit, your client needs to be logged into the Gallery. This lets Sprout know that they're authorized to fulfill that credit. You can log into the Gallery in 1 or 2 ways.

  1. Go into the Portal and enter the gallery from there

  2. Go into the Gallery and click the slide-out menu.

Once your client is logged in, there will be a "Credit Available" option at the top of the page. Your client can click on the option to see all of the available credits they can choose from. Click "Use Credit" on the credit your client would like to fulfill. The "Available Credit" window will open, letting your client choose your credits.

Your client can click on the empty print boxes to pick the images for each section. Once finished, they click the "Submit to Photographer" to send them to you. Once a credit has been submitted, it will send you a notification that a credit has been submitted. You can see the credit under the Shoot in the "Credits & Coupons" section.

Click on the Credit to see which images the client has ordered. You can click on the "Submitted" status next to each image to find out which image your client chose.

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