When a print or product is ordered in a Booking Proposal, Sprout Studio can create a credit for your client to fulfill when the images are ready. A client would log into their gallery and have the ability to choose their products without needing to pay for them again.

Auto-generating a credit

To have your prints and products auto-generate a credit, it needs to be turned on when creating the items in your price list. When creating a new print or product, there's a "Show Gallery Fulfillment" section at the bottom. In this section, there's a toggle that says "Auto-Credit". Toggle this on to have this print or product automatically create a credit when it's ordered in a Booking Proposal.

Auto-generating a credit from a package

The packages should copy the auto-credit toggle from each print or product, but if you want to override it, this can be done in a package. In your package, click the fulfillment icon on the right side of your item, and toggle on the "Auto-Credit" toggle there.

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