Sprout assistant and workflows are two entirely different tools and aren't meant to work in competition with each other. Instead, they work perfectly together!

Workflows allow you to build very powerful automation that isn't limited to just emails; you can create questionnaires, add tasks, send emails and so on. All the emails created and sent from a workflow are meant to look like an email you typed personally; just like you went into your Gmail and sent an email.

On the other hand, Sprout Assistant is more of a reminder and notification system for you to keep your clients in the loop. Sprout Assistant emails are designed to be a pretty, branded studio notification to your clients; they're less of a "Hey! How are you? How are the kids? I wanted to touch base and say XYZ."

Sprout Assistant is also used throughout Sprout where there aren't any workflow management tools, and probably never will be because it would become impossible to maintain. For example, Sprout Assistant integrates and works with dates, galleries, design proofs, and so on.

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