Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans

Once you have some custom cover styles created, you can assign them to be a default on your brands. This way, anytime a new gallery is created with that brand, the custom cover style is automatically applied.

Go to Settings > Account & Branding > Brands to set this up. Go into your brand and go to the Themes tab. All of your custom cover styles are listed at the bottom of the Gallery Style section.

Select the default cover style for that brand, and it will be automatically applied the next time you create a Gallery using this brand!

To use your new custom cover style in a gallery, you need to go into the Settings section of your gallery. Click in the Cover Style dropdown menu to see a list of all of your available cover styles. We've broken it into 2 sections now to make it easier to manage. 

  • Custom which lists all of your custom cover styles

  • Pre-Defined which has all of the cover styles we've created for you

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