Each shoot in Sprout Studio has a one page created for it. A shoot's one page is a private link with a unique URL that gives you quick and easy access to all the information you'll need for a shoot.

Your one page can be printed out and brought to a shoot, you can bookmark it on your phone and have quick access to it while you're at your shoot or it's great to review it on your computer as you prepare for a shoot.

What is displayed on your one page

Your one page is dynamically built and will only display relevant information for a shoot. You can choose to display the following details for a shoot:

  • Contacts

  • Users

  • Orders

  • Contracts

  • Dates

  • Tasks

  • Questionnaires

  • Notes

  • Gallery information

  • Expenses

  • Mileage entries

How to change the default categories displayed for one page

By default, all categories are turned on for one page. But don't worry - your one page for each shoot will only display categories that have content. You can change what is displayed, by default, for your one page by going to Settings > Automation > Assistant > One Page.

When you edit the default settings, every shoot that hasn't had its one page settings modified will be updated.

How to change what is displayed on a specific shoot's one page

Every shoot will follow your default one page settings initially.

But, you can modify the one page settings on a shoot-by-shoot basis if you'd like by going to the Shoot > Overview page and clicking the "One Page" button on the right-hand side. Click "Configure" on the dropdown to open the configure menu.

As soon as you've modified the one page settings for a specific shoot, it will no longer follow the default one page settings, so if you modify the default settings in Settings > Automation > Assistant, that particular shoot will no longer be updated with your changes to the default settings.

How to view a shoot's one page

You can view a shoot's one page by going to the Shoot > Overview page and clicking One Page link on the right side of the page above the client overview. Click "View" in the dropdown that opens up.

You can also bookmark your one page link on your phone and get quick-and-easy access to it before a shoot. The one page page was designed to be easy to use on your phone, on-the-go, so it's mobile-responsive, lightweight and quick to navigate while at a shoot.

You can print your one page as well. It has been designed with its own print style, so it's clean, simple and looks great!

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