Once you've created a gallery, you can upload photos into it. There are two ways to upload photos into a gallery:

  1. Drag and drop the images from your computer onto the "Photos" section of a gallery, and the upload will begin.

  2. Click the "Upload Photos" button, navigate to where the photos are on your computer, and click the "Open" button.

Once you've started the upload, the upload modal will show you the progress. Feel free to minimize this modal by clicking the "Minimize" button and carrying on using Sprout Studio as the upload continues. Be sure to not leave Sprout Studio or refresh your page, however, as this will cancel the upload.

When the upload is finished, the minimized modal will show a green bar. You can open the modal back up and click the "View Gallery" button to be taken back to the gallery edit page.

Should I resize my photos before uploading them?

Resizing your photos before uploading them will speed up the upload and count less toward your storage/usage count. If you plan on offering digital downloads and would like to offer a high-resolution download, we recommend resizing your photos to 5000px wide before uploading them. If you are not planning on offering digital downloads, we recommend resizing your photos to 2400px wide before uploading them.

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