You can organize photos in a gallery into separate folders. This helps you keep your gallery organized and easy to navigate for your clients. For example, if you were a wedding photographer, you may want to use the following organizational structure:

  • Bride Prep

  • Groom Prep

  • Ceremony

  • Portraits

  • Cocktails

  • Reception

In Sprout, we call folders in a gallery Collections

In the "Photos" section of a gallery, you'll see the collection dropdown. By default, it says "Showing: All Photos". There is always an "All Photos" collection, which is a system-created collection of all the photos you have uploaded to a gallery. You cannot move photos out of the "All Photos" collection, but instead, you can copy them into collections.

Put simply - the "All Photos" collection will always contain all photos.

Once a photo is in a collection, you can copy it to another collection (which will keep it in the original collection), or move it to another collection (which will remove it from the original collection). 

There is another system-created collection (visible only to you) called "Photos Not in a Collection", which is an easy reference of the photos in your gallery that are not currently in any collection. 

How to create collections

There are three ways to create collections in a gallery: 

  1. Click the collection dropdown and click the "New Collection" button. 

  2. Drag any photo(s) onto the collection dropdown and into a "New Collection".

  3. Right-click any photo(s) in a gallery, click the "Copy to Collection" button and click the "New Collection" button from the dropdown. 

Once you've created a collection, you'll be able to see and interact with it in the collection dropdown.

How to rename, delete and re-arrange collections

To rename a collection, click the "Edit" button beside the collection name in the collection dropdown. To delete a collection, click the "Edit" button beside the collection in the collection dropdown and click the "Delete" button. To re-arrange the order of collections, click the "Change Order" button in the collection dropdown and re-arrange the collections by dragging-and-dropping. 

How to add photos into collections

To add photos to a collection, you must first select the photos in the gallery that you'd like to move. You can do this by: 

  • Clicking on one photo and then command-clicking on each other photo.

  • Clicking on one photo and then shift-clicking on another photo. This will select every photo between the first and last one. 

Once you've selected the photos you'd like to move or copy into a collection, you can copy them in two ways: 

  1. Right click on any of the selected images and click the "Copy to Collection" button.

  2. Drag them into the collection dropdown and then drop them on the collection you'd like to move them to. 

How to turn off the "All Photos" collection

As mentioned above, the "All Photos" collection is a system-created collection that is always there. If you'd rather not show this collection to your clients on the front-end of the gallery, simply disable the "All Photos" toggle in the "Settings" panel on the right-hand side of the gallery, so they only see the list of created collections.

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