One of the core purposes of an online gallery is to sell prints. Currently, Sprout Studio supports a self-fulfillment strategy for selling prints in a gallery which means that you're not locked into a certain lab. Your client can order the prints, pay for them (Sprout takes no commission) and then you can fulfill them through whichever lab you'd like. 

To sell prints in a gallery, you must add a price list to the gallery. Select one of your price lists in the "Price List" dropdown in the "Pricing" panel while editing a gallery. Go to Pricing & Booking > Price Lists to create, edit and manage your price lists. 

You can also optionally choose a tax from the "Tax" dropdown in the "Pricing" panel to apply that tax rate to all orders from the gallery. 

Once you've added a price list to a gallery, all prints within that price list will be available for purchase in the gallery. 

While viewing a gallery, your client can click the "Order Print" button below each image to order a print of that image. From there, they can choose which size and type they'd like (i.e. 5x7 print or a 16x24 canvas), and order the print. When they're finished choosing their prints, they can click the "Checkout" button in the top-right corner to confirm the order, pay for it and submit it to you. 

There are two ways to view your orders in Sprout Studio: 

  1. Go to the Overview > Orders & Quotes page to view all of your orders. You'll see the "Attached To" column, which will list what lead, shoot or gallery (if any) the order is attached to. 

  2. Go to the Lead or Shoot > Orders & Quotes page to view all of your orders for that particular lead or shoot.

You can also quickly see all orders attached to a gallery by clicking the "Orders" badge in the top-right corner while on the gallery edit page. 

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