In a Sprout Gallery, your client (or anyone viewing a Gallery) can select their Favorites. A favorite submission is simply a collection of images that your client has indicated as the ones they like the most. You could have your client submit favorites to indicate which images they'd like for you to design their album with, for example.

How your client picks their favorites

While viewing a Gallery, your client can click the "Favorite" button below each image to add that image to their favorites. You can also favorite each image on the thumbnail of the image.

If that is the first time they're adding an image to their favorites, they'll be prompted to enter their email address to save the favorite submission. In the future, your client can enter their email address to retrieve a favorite submission.

How your client views their favorites

While in their Gallery, the "Favorites" button in the top-right corner of the Gallery will indicate how many images your client has added to their favorites. Your client can click the "Favorites" button to view only these images.

How your client submits their favorites to you

By default, favorite submissions in a Gallery are automatically saved. When your client favorites their first image in a Gallery, they're asked for an email address. Every other image they favorite will be automatically saved to that submission.

Your client can filter their Gallery to show just their favorites by clicking the "Favorite" button in the top-right corner. They can manually submit their favorites to you by clicking the "Send to Photographer" button. At that point, you'll receive an email and an in-Sprout notification, if you have them turned on. Your client will also receive an email confirmation, if you have it turned on.

How do you view the favorites submitted to you by your client?

Favorite submissions are organized in the Activity Feed in a Gallery. While editing a Gallery, in the panel on the right side, click Favorites at the bottom of the Activity Feed.

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