You can use Sprout Studio invitations in combination with public booking pages (optionally) to book and fill up workshops and classes. The best part? You are hands off! Your attendees can sign up, pay and register themselves. 

Here's how: 

  1. Set up an invitation with your availability and preferences. If you're offering a 1-day workshop, this will be relatively simple. If you are offering multiple time slots of a recurring time slot, you can do that, too!

  2. Optional - if you want to book (and charge) for a workshop or class, set up a booking page with your booking details - packages (optional), contract (optional), payment schedule, questionnaire, etc. 

  3. Add the invitation to the booking page to schedule the shoot date (even though it's not a shoot - it's ok!) 

  4. Send the booking page (or embed it) for attendees! 

Now, your attendees can pick a day and time slot (if applicable), choose a package, sign a contract, pay and register themselves. You can set a limit for registrations, so once that limit is hit, dates and times will automatically be removed from your schedule so you don't over book your class. 

Here's a video walking through how to book workshops and classes:

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