How to make a template Gallery

Go to Settings > Galleries & Designs > Gallery Templates to make a new gallery template. You can edit a gallery template as if it were a normal gallery. The only thing you can't do is upload photos. We've found some common sections our users set up ahead of time are:

  • Folders - You can create your folders ahead of time. This is especially handy for wedding photographers. You could create a folder for getting ready photos, ceremony photos, reception photos, etc.

  • Download Permissions - You could set up all of your regular download permissions ahead of time to save you work on each gallery.

  • Price Lists - You can add your price list and all applicable Packages, Products, and Services you want to sell in that Gallery ahead of time.

How to apply a template Gallery

In the "Add Gallery" modal (when you are creating a Gallery), click the "Copy from Template" button, and then choose your template from the dropdown list. This will copy all the settings in the template Gallery into the new Gallery you're creating.

Please note that the only time you can copy from a template Gallery is when you are creating the Gallery. It can't be copied over after it's been created.

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