Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

One of the most powerful features of an in-person sales appointment is the ability to show your clients their images on their walls. Virtual IPS Galleries within Sprout Studio allow for the same functionality online.

A virtual IPS gallery can be either: 

  • Attached to a shoot, and therefore organized on that shoot's page. Go to the Shoot > Galleries page to view all galleries attached to a specific shoot.

  • Unattached, and therefore not associated with any specific lead or shoot. Go to the Galleries page to view all galleries (including those attached and unattached).

There are four ways to add a gallery: 

  1. Click the "Quick Add" button in the top bar of Sprout Studio, and then click the "Add Gallery" button. 

  2. Go to the Galleries List page and click "Add New".

  3. Go to the Shoot > Overview page, click the "Quick Actions" button at the top of the page, and click the "Add Gallery" button to add a gallery attached to that shoot. 

  4. Go to the Shoot > Gallery page and click the "Add Gallery" button to add a gallery attached to that shoot.

In the "Add Gallery" modal, you can specify the following details: 

  • Gallery name, which is the name of the gallery as it will appear to your clients. 

  • Gallery type, which is the type of gallery you're creating - a proofing gallery or a virtual IPS gallery. 

  • What shoot (if any) this gallery should be attached to

  • The option to copy from a gallery template

Once you've added the gallery, you'll be taken to the Edit Gallery page where you can upload images, specify additional settings, publish the gallery and more. 

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