Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

You (as the photographer) can download photos from your Virtual IPS Galleries while editing the Gallery. You'll receive them as a zip file, and you can optionally apply a download preset to the photos, which will apply a size and watermark.

To download whichever photo(s) you have selected, click the "Download" button in the top bar of the "Photos" panel.

To select multiple photos, you can:

  • Click on one photo and then command-click on each other photo.

  • Click on one photo and then shift-click on another photo. This will select every photo between the first and last one.

Once the images are selected, you should be able to click on the download button on the top of the pictures like so.

In the "Download Images" modal, you can specify:

  • Which email you'd like to receive the download link to.

  • Which download preset (optional) you'd like to apply to the download.

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