Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

Each Virtual IPS Gallery in Sprout has its own unique URL (or link) where the Gallery can be viewed by your clients. Each link adheres to the following structure:


If your subdomain is "joe", your vanity URL is "" and your Gallery URL is "joe-and-mary-wedding" then the URL for Joe and Mary's wedding gallery will be:

To change your subdomain and domain, go to Settings > Brading > Brands, but note that this has an effect on all client-facing links and URLs, so we do not suggest changing this if you already have sent out Galleries, Design Proofs, Booking Proposals or Invoices.

You can set the gallery slug (the part of the link that is at the end of the URL) on a per-gallery basis. By default, it is set to a hyphenated version of the Gallery name (i.e. Joe and Mary Wedding becomes joe-and-mary-wedding). To change the Gallery URL, go into Settings > Availability > Visibility and click the small pencil icon.

From here, you can easily copy the Gallery URL by clicking the "Copy Link" button.

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