Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

A Gallery Catalog is an index of all of the galleries you choose to include on it. It is a public-facing page that you can share with your clients or link to from your website, where visitors can easily search and find the gallery they're looking for.

Here's a great way to use the gallery catalog page. Let's say you operate a photo-booth and photograph 3-4 weddings per weekend, and therefore create 3-4 galleries per week. Instead of trying to give out the link to a specific gallery to each guest at each wedding, you could simply tell them to click the "Galleries" button on your website. You can set up that "Galleries" button to link to your gallery catalog, where visitors can then search for their gallery and browse their photos. 

Your gallery catalog link adheres to the following structure: 


If your subdomain is "joe" and your vanity URL is "" then the URL for your gallery catalog will be:

To change your subdomain and domain, go to Settings > Account & Branding > Profile, but note that this has an effect on all client-facing links and URLs, so we do not suggest changing this if you already have sent out galleries, album proofs, booking proposals or invoices.

You can indicate whether a gallery appears on your gallery catalog page or not. To enable or disable it from showing, toggle the "On Catalog" toggle in the the "Save" panel while editing a gallery. 

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