An email drip campaign is a way to send a sequence of emails to a group of people.

To create an email drip campaign:

  1. Go to the Email Marketing page.

  2. Click the "Add New" button.

  3. Click "Email Drip Campaign" in the dropdown.

While editing an email drip campaign, there are 4 sections:

  1. Auto-add settings, which is how you configure who (in your Sprout account) will receive this email. You can build a set of filters for your contacts, leads, shoots, galleries and gallery guests.

  2. Email list, which will preview you a list of recipients based on your auto-add settings. You can also manually add new contacts, existing contacts or import a CSV of contacts from here.

  3. Emails, which is where you can create and edit the various emails ("drips") in this campaign. For each email in a drip sequence, you can specify when it should be sent in relation to the previous email.

  4. Signup Forms, which is where you can create and configure ways for people to sign up for this from your website.

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