Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

In a Sprout Studio virtual IPS gallery, in addition to being able to sell prints, you can also sell other products and services to your clients. These are called Additional Items in a gallery. These additional items can be any product or service in your price list that you make available for purchase.

In a gallery, these products or services can be for: 

  • A specific photo (i.e. a thank-you card, additional retouching, etc.)

  • Multiple photos (i.e. a wall collage, a portrait book, a wedding album, etc.)

  • Not for a photo at all (i.e. a gift certificate, an additional session, etc.)

To sell products and services in a gallery, you must first add a price list to the virtual IPS gallery. Select one of your price lists in the "Price List" dropdown in the "Pricing" panel while editing a virtual IPS gallery. Go to Pricing & Booking > Price Lists to create, edit and manage your price lists. 

After selecting a price list, click the "0 Items Selected" button to add additional items. This will open the "Additional Items" modal where you can add products and services from that price list to be made available for purchase. 

For each item you add to be available for purchase, you can specify: 

  • The add-ons for that product or service that will also be available for purchase. Click the "Edit Add-Ons" button to add (or remove) add-ons for that product or service. 

  • Whether that product or service can have multiple quantities purchased, or just a single quantity purchased. To allow only a single quantity, enable the "Single QTY" toggle, and to allow multiple quantities, disable the "Single QTY" toggle (default). 

  • Whether that product or service will require the client to select photos for it, and if so, how many. Click the "No Photos" button (default) and choose how many photos are required to be chosen to order this product or service. You can choose: Single Photo, Multiple Photos, Range of Photos or No Photos. If you choose Multiple Photos, or Range of Photos, then you can specify what that range is.

Adding and selling packages works very similar to adding in your Products and Services. When a Package is added, all of the items within that package are added into the Gallery. It will inherit all of the images required and quantities that were assigned in your Price List.

While walking through the steps in a virtual IPS gallery, your client can click the the "Order Additional Items" button on the last step. 

If you've specified that a single photo, multiple photos or a range of photos be chosen to order a product or service, your client will see a "Select Photos" button, as well as how many photos they'll need to select. 

When your client clicks the "Select Photos" button, they will be asked to specify which photos they'd like to choose for the product or service. They choose by simply clicking on the photo. Your client can easily click the "Show Favorites" button to filter down the available photos to just their favorites.

At the bottom of the "Select Photos" modal, there is a confirmation that will be displayed once your client has selected the appropriate number of images. 

When they're finished choosing their products and services, they can click the "Checkout" button at the bottom of the page to confirm the order, pay for it and submit it to you. 

There are three ways to view your gallery orders in Sprout Studio: 

  1. Go to the Overview > Orders & Quotes page to view all of your orders. You'll see the "Attached To" column, which will list what lead, shoot or gallery (if any) the order is attached to. 

  2. Go to the Lead or Shoot > Orders & Quotes page to view all of your orders for that particular lead or shoot.

  3. You can also quickly see all orders attached to a virtual IPS gallery by clicking the "Orders" badge in the top-right corner while editing a gallery. 

If the order contains any products or services where your client selected images, you'll see an "X Photos" button under the product or service name ordered, showing that the client chose X number of photos for this product or service.

Click on the "X Photos" button to view a list of the photos selected. Here, you can copy the filenames into your photo editing app of choice to make gathering the images quick. You can choose from viewing a comma-separated list (great for Lightroom) or a newline-separated list. 

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