Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

You can sort spreads in a Design Proof by simply dragging and dropping the spreads. To select multiple spreads for dragging-and-dropping, you can:

  • Click on one photo and then command-click on each other photo.

  • Click on one photo and then shift-click on another photo. This will select every photo between the first and last one.

Why are my spreads out of order?

Initially, your Design Spreads are displayed in the order you upload them. They may appear out-of-order if your computer or photo browser uploaded them incorrectly. Let's say you named your design spreads as such: Spread-1, Spread-2, Spread-3 ... Spread-10, Spread-11, etc.

If that's the case, then Spread-1 will be first, and then Spread-10, because it sees the 1 in 10 first, and 1 comes before the 2 in Image-2. Many operating systems and photo browsers sort images by filename in this manner.

This is why we recommend naming your files with a zero-padding so that your filenames will look more like this: Spread-001, Spread-002, Spread-003 ... Spread-010, Spread-011, etc.

When you name your files this way, Sprout (and every other photo browser and file manager) will sort them as you'd expect because it sees the zeros and can put them in the proper order.

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