Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

A Design Proof can have one of two privacy (or visibility) options - private or public.

To access this option you will have to do the following: Shoot > Design Proof, select the Design Proof and go into edit settings.

When a Design Proof is public, anyone with the URL for the design proof can view it. When a Design Proof is private, it means:

  • Only the client of the attached shoot can view it when logged in.

  • Anyone with the Access Key (optional) for the design proof can view it.

To change the visibility of Design Proof, choose either "Private" or "Public" from the "Visibility" dropdown in the design proof settings window.

Once you've set a design proof to be private it will be locked down to only clients with access to it.

Creating an Access Key (Optional)

You will be able to optionally set a shared Access Key. The Access Key is a great way of allowing clients to access the Design Proof, without them having to create a username and password. The same Access Key can be used by anyone, however, so be careful when you distribute it.

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