Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

A design  proof in Sprout Studio can be either: 

  • Attached to a shoot, and therefore organized on that shoot's page. Go to the Shoot > Design Proofs page to view all album proofs attached to a specific shoot.

  • Unattached, and therefore not associated with any specific shoot. Go to the Design Proofs page to view all album proofs (including those attached and unattached).

To change whether a design proof is attached or not (and to what shoot), select the "Attached To" dropdown in the "Save" panel while editing a design proof.

If you've chosen "Unattached" for the design proof, you'll be able to specify the email address for the client responsible for the design proof, which is where they'll receive confirmations, notifications, and reminders for the design proof. 

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