Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

In a Design Proof, your clients can make specific comments and request changes exactly where they need to be made.

How your client navigates their design proof

When viewing a Design Proof, each spread your client sees is a left and right page split down the middle. When viewing on desktop, they can flip through each spread using the "Left" and "Right" arrow buttons on the left and right sides of the page.

They can also click on any of the design spreads at the bottom of the page to navigate directly to that design spread.

How your client suggests changes in a Design Proof

While viewing a design proof, your client can click anywhere on any of the spreads and a "change request" bubble appears. Here, they can type their comment in the text box and click the "Add" button. If they added the comment or clicked on the spread by accident, they can click the "Delete" button to remove the comment.

Once they add the change request, the comment itself is hidden, and the change is indicated with a simple change request bubble and a number, indicating which change request number it is, in sequence.

At any time, your client can click the change request bubble to edit the comment, or they can click-and-drag the comment button to move it if they need to.

How your client deletes change requests

At any time, your client can click on any of the change request bubbles and click the "Delete" button to remove that specific change request.

How to submit change requests

Once your client has added all the change requests they'd like, they must click the "Send" button in the top right corner.

Note: Change requests are saved on the Design Proof after each change request is added, so if your client needs to take a break and come back to the Design Proof at a later date, they can, and everything will always be saved. The change request will only be sent to you once they click the "Send" button, however.

How to approve a Design Proof

When your client is happy with the proof as they see it, they can approve the album proof by clicking the "Approve Design" button in the top-right corner.

Note: this option will not be available if there are any change requests, and instead the button will say "Submit Requests".

How to review your client's change requests

To review the change requests your client made, click the "View Comments" button in the "Versions" panel while viewing or editing a Design Proof.

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