Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

While reviewing a design proof, your clients can suggest a replacement image(s) from any gallery you have attached to it. This means they can be as specific as possible in the changes they'd like, and it eliminates any unnecessary back-and-forth. 

When creating a design proof, you can attach any number of galleries that will be available for your client to choose from to suggest replacements. If a design proof is attached to a shoot that also has galleries, those galleries will automatically be attached to the design proof when you make the design proof. 

To manually attach a gallery to a design proof, click the "Attach Gallery" button in the "Attached Galleries" panel while editing an album proof. 

To remove a gallery from a design proof, click the "x" button from an attached gallery in the "Attached Galleries" panel while editing a design proof.  

While viewing a design proof, your client can click anywhere on any of the spreads and a "change request" bubble appears. Here, they can type their comment in the text box and click the "Add" button. 

To see the gallery images available they can click the "Suggest Replacement" button and a gallery view window will open, where they can make their selection.


When your client suggests a replacement image, the filename(s) and gallery name will be copied into the comment box so you know exactly what image (and from which gallery) they were referencing.

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