Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

Each time you do a revision of a design proof with your client, you can make a new version of the design proof, so that you aren't overwriting the original design proof. This allows you to keep a history of all versions and comments of a designproof for easy reference. 

How to make a new version of a design proof

While editing a design proof, at any time (usually after your client has requested changes), you can click the "New Version" button from the "Versions" panel and choose to either: 

  • Make a new version from the existing version, which will copy all of the album spreads from the current version to the new version. This is useful if you only need to make a change to a few spreads and don't want to have to re-upload them all over again. 

  • Make a new version from a blank version, which will make the new version with no spreads, and you can then upload all new spreads. This is useful if you need to make a lot of changes and upload the entire design proof over again. 

How to navigate to previous versions

You can navigate to previous versions and review change requests by clicking the "Version" dropdown in the top-right corner while editing an design proof. 

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