Prints within a price list are a combination of:

  • The print type (i.e. canvas, mounted, framed)

  • The actual print size (i.e. 16x24)

  • Any options you can have those print types in (i.e. metal frame, wood frame, specific coloured frames, etc.)

You can set the price for each combination of print type, print option, and print size. This allows you to set a different price for a 16x24 Canvas as you would for a 16x24 Mounted Print, for example.

How to add a print to a price list

To add a print to a price list:

  1. Click the "Prints" tab while editing a price list in Settings > Pricing > Price Lists.

  2. Click the "New Print" to add a specific type of print. We've defaulted a few templates to choose from, or you can create your own.

  3. On the left click settings to enable taxes and booking auto-credits (whether a credit is applied by default to a shoot when booked).

  4. Select Print Sizes to set up the available sizes you want to offer.

  5. Click on Available Options to set up frame types and choices for each option (i.e. wood frame or metal frame) to let you add more variety to your print offerings.

  6. Next to each type, you can click the "+" button, then specify the cost of the print and the price you charge for it.

How to add a new print type

There are two ways to add a new print type to a price list:

  1. Add the print type while adding the print size (as described above).

  2. Click the "Add New" button on the "Prints" tab while editing a price list.

How to add a photo and description to a print type

Each print type can (optionally) have a photo and description. This can be changed in the Styling and Design settings. You will be able to add details and descriptions. In addition to these options, you can also add a sample image, custom background and backdrop colors as well as a testimonial.

When a client is viewing their gallery and ordering a print, there will be a "?" button next to the "Type" dropdown. If you have a photo and description specified for that print type, they will be able to see it there.

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