Prints within a price list are a combination of: 

  • The actual print size (i.e. 16x24)

  • The print type (i.e. canvas, mounted, framed)

You can set the price for each combination of print size and print type. This allows you to set a different price for a 16x24 Canvas as you would for a 16x24 Mounted Print, for example. 

How to add a print to a price list

To add a print to a price list: 

  1. Click the "Prints" tab while editing a price list in Settings > Pricing & Booking > Price Lists

  2. Click the "New Print Size" button. 

  3. Specify the width and height of the print (i.e. 16x24). You can optionally enable the "Name" toggle and have the print displayed publicly as a name (i.e. large wall portrait) instead of its width and height dimensions. 

  4. Click the "New Print Type" button to add a type of print (i.e. canvas) for the size you're adding. Here, you can click the "Add All" button to add all the print types you offer for this print size, or you can click the "Create New Type" button to add a new print type. 

  5. Specify the price for each print type of that print size. 

  6. Specify whether each print type is taxable or not by enabling or disabling the "Taxable" toggle. 

How to copy or duplicate a print in a print type

To duplicate a print in a price list, click the "Duplicate" button below the print you'd like to duplicate while editing the price list. 

How to add a new print type

There are two ways to add a new print type in a price list: 

  1. Add the print type while adding the print size (as described above). 

  2. Click the "New Print Type" button on the "Prints" tab while editing a price list.

How to add a photo and description to a print type

Each print type can (optionally) have a photo and description.

Having a photo and description for a print type allows you to show off and communicate more clearly about what that specific print type is to your clients, who may not be familiar with it.

When a client is viewing their gallery and ordering a print, there will be a "?" button next to the "Type" dropdown. If you have a photo and description specified for that print type, they will be able to see it there. 

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