A Package in a Price List is a combination of prints, products, services, and a package price. For each package, you can also optionally include a description. Packages are used for booking clients through a booking proposal.

How to create a package within a price list

To create a package within a price list:

  1. Click the "Packages" tab while editing a price list in Settings > Pricing > Price Lists.

  2. Click the "New Package" button.

  3. Specify the name of the package.

  4. Click the "Add Item" button to add items (prints, products, and services) to the package.

How to edit the price of a package or offer a package discount

When you add items into a package, the package price (displayed in the top-right corner) will be the sum total of all the items in the package. If you'd like to edit the price (i.e. to offer a package discount), click the "Calculator" button to the right of the "Package Price" box to set a new price for the package. When you apply this, it will automatically update the price of the package to reflect the discount.

When you have overridden the package price, a prompt that tells you the Original Value will be displayed below the package price to indicate the original package price, based on the total of the actual items in the package.

How to edit the description of a package

A package description is used in a Client Pricing Guide and in booking proposals to explain the package a bit better and set expectations for that package. To edit the description of a package, click the "Description and Image" tab at the bottom while editing a package.

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