Our email campaigns come equipped with their own Designer Email Templates, to help you build beautiful looking newsletters and campaigns. We've built our Designer Email Templates to be a flexible as possible, giving you the most creative freedom we can!

To create a new Designer Email template, go to Settings > Communication > Email Templates and click the "New Designer Email Template" button to get started.

We've built this page to be similar to some of our other templates builders, where you would change the main settings on the left hand side, and add in new fields and sections at the bottom of the page. The main settings would be where you'll set your preview texts, button styles, colours, fonts, and footers.

To get started building out your Designer Email, click the "Add Field" button at the bottom of the page and choose one the fields to add into your email.

The different options you can choose from are:

  • Hero Image, which is a big header image with some text attached.

  • Quote, which inserts a head image with a quote attached.

  • Spacing, which adds a dividing space in your email.

  • Divider, which adds a dividing line in your email.

  • Logo, which inserts your logo into your design.

  • One Column, Two Columns, or Three Columns, which inserts text in your email in either one column, two columns, or three columns.

  • One Image, Two Image, or Three Images, which inserts images and text in your email in either one column, two columns, or three columns.

  • Image Collage, which inserts a maximum of 9 images into your design.

When you add in a field, you'll notice the sidebar changes when you click on that field. Each field has either or all of the following:

  • Image, which is where you'll upload the image in that field.

  • Heading, which is where you'll set the heading text of the field.

  • Content, which is where you'll set all of the body text of the field.

  • Button, which is where you'll set what the button says.

So in the example of a One Image field, this is where you'd set each of the following.

Once you've designed your email the way you'd like it to look, click the "Save" button in the bottom right corner to save your design!.

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