We built Email Designer to work with the widest array of Email Clients. There are some limitations though; certain email clients only offer certain features. Below you will find a list of the most common limitations when sending emails to your clients.

Microsoft Outlook (Desktop version)

Unfortunately, Outlook is one of the most notorious email clients for rendering pretty emails; since 2007, its rendering engine runs on Word. As a result, a lot of design elements just do not render. The exception here is that Outlook on Mac actually uses Apple Safari’s rendering engine, so emails do not have these limitations.

  • Images have issues stretching
  • No rounded images or buttons
  • No gradients
  • No animated GIFs (Coming soon to Outlook 2019)
  • No custom fonts
  • No video support
  • Poor rendering of complex designs

More about Outlook: https://app.intercom.com/a/apps/ocnfeapg/articles/articles/4367230/show


  • No custom fonts
  • No video support
  • Good rendering of complex designs
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