Download Presets are a great way to distribute your images in varying sizes to different audiences through the same gallery. A download preset is a combination of size (web, medium, large and high-res) and an optional watermark per permission level specified.

How to create a download preset

To create a download preset go to Settings > Galleries & Designs > Download Presets. Click "+" to add a new preset and give it a name you will recognize. From here you will select the image size you would like to offer for download (small/web, medium, large or high-res) through this preset. 

If you would like the image to also have your watermark, toggle the watermark "on" and upload your logo in the "image" section. You can either drag and drop it onto this area or click the grey box to upload the image from your computer. 

Once uploaded you can set the opacity and width of the watermark using the sliders, and also set the watermark placement by clicking on the image quadrant where you would like your logo placed.

Example of using download presets

Let's say you're a wedding photographer. Here's what you'd like to do: 

  • Your clients have the digital files included in their package, so they should be able to download their photos in high-resolution and unwatermarked. 

  • You'd like the friends and family of your clients to be able to download low-resolution watermarked images individually from the gallery so they can share them on social media. 

  • You'd like to share the gallery with the venue where the wedding was held and let them download medium-resolution images individually for use on their website. 

  • The florist asked you for some photos from the wedding to share on social media, so you'd like to be able to let her download individual medium-resolution images that are watermarked so she can pick which ones she shares on social media. 

With a few clicks, you can do all of this in Sprout Studio galleries. Here's how: 

  • Set the download preset for "Logged in Client" to be one you create called "High-Resolution Unwatermarked".

  • Set the download preset for "Everyone" to be one you create called "Low-Resolution Watermarked". 

  • Create a new download password with the password "venue", and set the download preset to be one you create called "Medium-Resolution Unwatermarked".

  • Create a new download password with the password "florist," and set the download preset to be one you create called "Medium-Resolution Watermarked." 

You can then indicate whether each permission level can download all images at once with the download preset applied, or only individual images one at a time.

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