Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

With Sprout Studio, you can specify what each user in your account can see, edit or delete by changing their Permissions. They can be something as simple as turning an entire section off, or robust enough to turn certain parts of a section off.

The main sections in the software you can turn on and off per user are as follows: 

  • Leads & Shoots¬†
  • Galleries & Album Proofing
  • Orders & Coupons
  • Contacts & Questionnaires
  • Expenses & Mileage
  • Reports
  • Emails
  • Settings
  • Business Settings

With each of the above settings in Basic mode, you can toggle the On/Off switch next to the setting to turn overall access on or off for your additional user.

How to turn off specific sections 

To get more control over what your users can see and do, you can toggle Advanced in the top right corner of the window to specify extra options for their permissions. To see a breakdown of each section, simply just click on a section header to see everything related.

For each section, you'll have the following columns:

  • View, you can choose what your user can see here, whether it's everything, anything they're assigned to, or nothing at all.
  • Create/Edit, you can choose what your user can change or create, whether it's everything, anything they're assigned to, or nothing at all.
  • Delete, you can choose whether or not your user can delete anything, only things they're assigned to, or nothing at all.

If you look in the header for the section you're editing, you'll see a "Quick Apply" button. This is great if you want to change everything in this section to either "All", "Assigned", or "None" for each column.

We've created some user presets for you with different job titles in mind. After you've toggled onto Advanced, you'll see the "Apply Preset" button appear next to the Basic toggle. Click that to see any job presets that we've created. Choosing any of these will fill out the Permissions section for you, designed around the job title you chose, and you can customize it from there for your organization.

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