Lab integration is currently in beta.

Why? Well...

We had to rebuild price lists and orders completely to offer lab integration. So there are a lot of changes under-the-hood, and we take that seriously.

The communication between your price list, orders, and the lab is a complex 2-way dialogue full of API calls, webhooks and callbacks. Some of it happens with you involved, but most of it happens behind the scenes without you ever seeing it, especially for "auto" submitted lab orders.

We're in the business of helping you make a living doing what you love. That's why we want to ensure you look great to your clients and they get what they're expecting. That's why we're taking lab integration one step at a time.

On the recommendation from our first lab, WHCC, we will be introducing products in a systematic and measured approach. That way, we can slowly have you introduce lab integration to your clients, and we can ensure that everything is working correctly with the API and integration, bit-by-bit. We'll be starting with photo prints and fine-art prints from WHCC. Then we'll roll out additional products like canvas gallery wraps, framed prints and more.

Additionally, we'll be introducing a 2nd lab - GTA Imaging in Canada - shortly, once we've ensured that our based infrastructure for lab integration (with WHCC) is ready to go.

Since this is our first time, and your business and your clients' experience are on the line, we wanted to be patient with this rollout and make sure everyone is happy and has their expectations met. We also assume responsibility if the integration goes wrong due to something on our end, so we want to make sure we can carefully introduce this.

Right now, you're welcome to turn on integration with WHCC for the two products we're integrating with and use it in your galleries. And - we'd love to hear your feedback on how things go!

Once we get out of the gate with this initial rollout, we're confident that adding more products and more labs will be a smooth, quick, and easy process. We're just learning to crawl here, so your grace is appreciated!

Thank you for being patient with us!

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